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Vascular and Podiatric Specialties Under One Roof? What It Means For Patients

Often times I see patients for foot and ankle issues, and at first glance, getting them better might seem simple to them. While some problems are not complicated, other ailments require lab work, imaging, and other specialized tests to get patients better. 

My name is Dr. Tammer Elmarsafi, and I am a foot and ankle surgeon who is fellowship trained and board certified. The best way to address any lower extremity problem, is not to forget that the foot is attached to the rest of the body. While some patients come to me with a foot complaint and are in otherwise perfect health, most patients have other health issues and concerns that need to be taken into careful and deliberate consideration to get them better. With the prevalence of diseases such as hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and others being so high, the influence of these singularly, and collectively definitely play a role in the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan for each individual. In cases that require surgery, whether it's for a bunion or hammertoe correction, or for a complex reconstruction, it is imperative to take note of all of these other health components in order to ensure the best possible outcomes, and to mitigate risks associated with any surgery.

It is a privilege to work with the highly skilled vascular surgeons at Vascular Surgery Associates (VSA) who are able to diagnose, and treat a wide variety of vascular related diseases.  Many of my patients have health conditions that predispose them to an increased likelihood of having peripheral arterial disease and/or venous insufficiency. For a Podiatric Surgeon, the problems that I treat are all complicated by imperfect, and suboptimal circulation. When such issues are encountered, our surgeons can often perform endovascular procedures to improve circulation. Knowing that our surgeons can also perform open vascular procedures when required means that all patients with all degrees of blockages can be treated. Good vascular health and circulation is the prerequisite to optimal healing.

The greatest value to patients that come for treatment at VSA is our ability to see patients in a timely manner, give them access to the tests that are needed for a comprehensive workup, and all under one roof. That means that when I see a patient who I have identified as having a circulatory problem, I can immediately have the patient scheduled for specific tests, and a vascular specialist can see the patient without any delay in care. That has a dramatic impact on time to healing, short and long term outcomes, and return to regular activities. In some cases, this partnership IS THE DIFFERENCE between healing a wound or not, saving a limb or amputation, or having a successful outcome versus living with a disability; Time is everything. 

This coupled with integrated medical records, and use of state of the art technologies that ensure communication between specialists is highly advantageous. Once you are a patient of VSA, you will have 24/7 access to myself and any of our vascular providers which is streamlined and instantaneous. That means we can immediately problem solve and fine tune care; in short that means less complications and outstanding patient care. 

For a podiatric surgeon this is extremely important. Patients with lower extremity issues are at highest risk for falls, blood clots, worsening swelling, and a variety of other risks that are inherent to the treatment of some commonly implemented treatments options. Promptly addressing patient concerns eases both the minds of patient and doctor alike. 

If you have a foot or ankle problem, no matter how simple or complex, you, your loved one, or your patient will be given an exceptional level of comprehensive care and compassionate care. Moreover, patients who require more advanced wound care therapies, my partners and I are also affiliated with Wound Care Centers with access to Hyperbaric Medicine treatments, which we will help schedule for your convenience. 

Why Vascular and Podiatric Surgery under one roof? Because this model has been tested, validated and proven to provide the best outcomes for even the most challenging scenarios; and that matters to us and to our patients. Please be sure to visit one of our many locations. 

Tammer Elmarsafi, DPM Tammer Elmarsafi, DPM Tammer Elmarsafi, DPM, is a fellowship-trained podiatric surgeon at Vascular Surgery Associates, LLC, in Ellicott City, St. Joseph, and Westminster, Maryland.

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