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Check out Dr. Elmarsafi's recent article in PodiatryToday. Click HERE to read the entire article.







“Circulating” Information


February is American Heart Month. The heart pumps oxygenated blood through our arteries and veins…the key to our survival. Having healthy arteries and veins are just as critical as having a functioning heart. If the vessels narrow or become blocked and blood can’t get through, life threatening problems occur. Please don’t wait! Schedule an appointment at one of our 11 office based labs to have a certified vascular technologist check your circulation. Call 1-855-648-9982.

Dr. Freiberg discusses vascular surgery services with WTTR

Click Here for the Interview

New EXTENDED LAB HOURS at our Bel Air office location. Our lab is now open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday until 6pm. As a reminder, we DO NOT charge a facility fee when utilizing our labs. Huge savings! To schedule an appointment, please call 1-855-648-9982.

Wound Care Awareness Month


The WOUND Stops Here


June is Wound Care Awareness month. The practitioners at VSA are wound care certified specialists with the experience and knowledge needed to ensure proper healing of your lower extremity issue/issues. Please visit our Wound Care page displayed on the top bar for more information regarding services and locations. Chronic wounds need attention to prevent infection and risk of amputation. Please do not wait to get your issue resolved the right way, the first time.

We’ve reached the middle of Wound Care Awareness month…and in recognition, today’s post will focus on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatment. We are frequently asked if we provide such treatment at our affiliated centers. The answer is “yes’. Why is this method so popular? Wounds need oxygenated blood circulated to the infected area in order to promote healing. People with poor circulation run into healing issues because their oxygenated blood can’t efficiently travel to the wound region. By surrounding the wound in an isolated/contained area and applying pure oxygen therapy treatment, we can often stimulate the body’s response to heal.

Although this option does not correct the circulatory issue at hand, it often yields positive results. We strongly recommend that the root cause of the wound is diagnosed, treated, and resolved to prevent reoccurring wound issues. For consultation and treatment options, please call 1-855-648-9982 or visit us at #VSA #thewoundstopshere

It’s National Wound Care Awareness month. Today we’re sharing information regarding wound infections. Please be aware of the signs and know when to seek immediate treatment. All VSA practitioners are wound care certified specialists and are here to treat and resolve your issue/issues.

Chronic Wound Infection Indications:

  1. Pus exists inside or around the wound
  2. Skin appears red, swollen, or painful around/near the wound
  3. Foul odor
  4. Fever

If you are experiencing one or multiple signs, please contact our office right away to get your wound assessed. Contact 1-855-648-9982. #VSA #wehealwounds #options #knowledge #experience.

In recognition of Wound Care Awareness Month, today’s topic is VENOUS ULCER WOUNDS. Venous ulcers typically result from our body’s inability to properly circulate blood from our legs back to the heart. Instead, the blood leaks and puddles from an “insufficient” vein. An insufficient vein is one that stops working properly, due to different factors such as stress, age, activity, weight, disease …and causes leakage from the vein wall. The pooling from the leakage causes edema which in time, if left untreated, can cause a wound to surface on the skin.

A venous ulcer is a result of a circulatory issue that should be treated and corrected by a vascular surgeon. If you begin to notice swelling, typically around the lower portion of the calves/or ankles, pain, itching, discoloration or a bruise like appearance, please give our office a call to schedule a consultation. A simple ultrasound, performed conveniently in our office, can determine the root of the problem and get you on your way to healing. Venous ulcers can take months to heal, so calling sooner than later could prevent a wound complication. Please contact 1-855-648-9982. #June #woundcare #VSA #thewoundstopshere

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