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When you face a problem with your arteries and veins, you need an accurate diagnosis and treatment options. That’s what you gain when you schedule a diagnostic consultation with the physicians at Vascular Surgery Associates, LLC. They use their extensive experience to help you make informed choices about your vascular health care. To schedule a diagnostic consultation, use the online booking feature or call one of the offices in Bel Air, Baltimore, Towson, Westminster, Elkton, Frederick, Ellicott City, Hampstead, Abingdon, Lutherville, Severna Park, MD, Wilmington, and Newark, DE today.

Diagnostic Consultation Q & A

What is a diagnostic consultation?

A diagnostic consultation is the first step toward getting a customized treatment plan that targets your underlying condition and restores optimal health.

You can choose to request a diagnostic consultation, whether as a new patient or to get a second opinion. Patients often want to confirm a diagnosis or learn about possible treatment options, for example. 

Your primary care physician or another medical specialist can also request a diagnostic consultation with one of the specialists at Vascular Surgery Associates, LLC. 

Your physician may refer you for a consultation when they notice symptoms associated with a vascular disease during your annual exam. If that happens, they usually send a referral to Vascular Surgery Associates, LLC.

What symptoms indicate I need a diagnostic consultation?

A variety of different health conditions could cause symptoms associated with vascular diseases. For that reason, many people first visit with their primary care physician and then seek a diagnostic consultation with a vascular specialist.

A few examples of symptoms that commonly occur due to a vascular problem include:

  • Leg discoloration
  • Ankle discoloration
  • Leg swelling
  • General leg pain
  • Claudication (leg pain when walking that improves with rest)
  • Leg fatigue or heavy-feeling legs
  • Poor hair growth on one leg
  • Restless legs
  • Itchy legs

Ulcers on your lower legs or ankles that don’t heal may indicate advanced venous or arterial disease.

What should I expect during a diagnostic consultation?

Your provider at Vascular Surgery Associates, LLC, reviews your medical history, including reports from your existing doctors and the results of previous lab tests or diagnostic imaging, if available.

Before your appointment, you should arrange to have any relevant medical reports sent to the office, or you can collect copies and bring them with you.

After reviewing all your information and medical history, your provider performs a physical exam and evaluates your risk factors. Based on the results, they may want to get more diagnostic imaging specific to your vascular condition. 

Your provider may also order other lab tests, such as blood work, depending on the testing you already had and whether the test is current.

At the end of your consultation, your provider reviews the results with you and the best treatment options. Then they either develop a customized treatment plan or, if your visit is for a second opinion, they can fine-tune your existing treatment plan.

If you need to schedule a diagnostic consultation, call Vascular Surgery Associates, LLC, or book an appointment online today.