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Financial Services and Support


Understanding Your Bill:

Vascular Surgery Associates will mail monthly bills to patients with an outstanding balance. The bill reflects out of pocket costs due from the patient. Our bill is due upon receipt unless prior arrangements have been formally made with one of our Patient Financial Liaisons. Any patient balance after your insurance company has made their determination is due and payable. If payment is not received within 60 days of becoming patient responsibility, a finance charge, plus all costs of collection including attorney fees may be added to an outstanding balance.

Explanation of Benefits:

Your insurance company should provide you with a summary of the services we bill. It is recommended that you review and keep a copy of the explanation of benefits. This will also advise you of any patient balance due after the insurance company has paid.

Physician/Provider Fees:

Fees are charged for professional services provided to our patients in the office, hospital (in-patient, out-patient and observation) and surgical centers. At Vascular Surgery Associates your care is provided by our surgeons and our advanced clinical practitioners. Professional services include office and hospital visits, surgery, wound care and interpretation of tests.

Ultrasound Testing:

Vascular Surgery Associates provides ultrasound testing in our offices. Your physician may order one test or multiple tests at one visit. Multiple tests can be performed on different parts of the body or on the same part of the body. Therefore, there may be multiple charges for each encounter depending on what your physician has ordered.

Facility Fees:

You will receive a separate facility bill if the service is provided outside of our office locations. This includes hospitals and out-patient surgery centers.

Patient Financial Liaison:

If you would like to pay your bill or you have questions regarding your bill, insurance matters, co-payments, deductibles or referrals, please contact experienced team of billing professionals.
Our Patient Financial Liaisons are available to assist you Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Please call 410-879-2009

Toll free at 1-855-648-9982 press 4 for the Billing Department. 

Main Fax: 443-371-7204

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