Dear Patients,

Vascular Surgery Associates is contracted and credentialed with a wide variety of insurance companies. We strive to offer excellent care to all of our patients. With the frequent changes in insurance contracts we would like for our patients to note that it is not our billing practices that have changed. What has changed for many of you are the contracts you have signed with your insurer. As insurance coverage has evolved, an increasing number of patients are opting for or being directed to high deductible insurance plans.

This has resulted in many of our patients now having higher deductibles, larger cop-pays or limitations on your covered services. It is not Vascular Surgery’s decision to charge you a co-pay or deductible as we have no control over the specifics of your insurance contact.

Please note that you may incur multiple copays or a higher bill while your deductible is being met if multiple services are performed on the day of your appointment. Thank you for your understanding and please feel free to contact our Billing Department at 443-299-6572 for any questions or concerns.

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