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What can I say, when you’re good you’re good!


March 2, 2021


From beginning to end I received exceptional quality service. Being scheduled with multiple physicians from the group made me realize how well they all work together and support one another. What could be viewed as frustrating was nothing short of a great experience…best part, my legs no longer hurt! Thank you Vascular Surgery Associates.

-Kenny S.

My sincerest appreciation to the staff


March 2, 2021


Wanted to share my sincerest appreciation to the staff and Dr. Biuckians for getting me seen so quickly at St. Joe’s and for accurately pin pointing my issues. I’ve been dealing with circulatory problems for years, and after numerous appointments with other vascular surgeons, I’ve finally been diagnosed and treated accurately. Thank you for giving me my life back. I’m forever grateful.

-Bonnie G.

Excellent Care


January 26, 2021


Everyone who works at the Westminster office is efficient, helpful and kind. Drs Freiburg, Protack and Mackrell are excellent surgeons who listen to your concerns and answer them. Their surgical coordinators do a great job of making sure everything is done correctly pre procedure (such a Big help). The Lutherville Outpatient surgery Center is a place that I feel safe. Again, everyone is so nice and the care is excellent. And, I can’t forget Shelby N. PA.! Great Care from Shelby and I like how she coordinates with the docs. Best PA I’ve ever had!! I really don’t believe they can be beat! Grateful for them all !

-Mary McCarthy

Extremely pleasant, friendly staff


October 8, 2020


Came in for my yearly ultrasound. Been fortunate to have the same tech for the last few years. Although I get nervous about results, it’s a pleasure going there and dealing with extremely pleasant, friendly staff. Thank you!


Thank you VSA!


October 8, 2020


Had vein work done at the Upper Chesapeake office. Aside from running a bit behind taking me back to do a thorough cleaning/disinfecting, it went splendidly. I could see a difference the very next day and my legs felt so much better. Sorry I waited so long. Thank you Dr. Biuckians,


Healed in no time and haven’t had any issues. Great surgeon!


October 8, 2020


Had the Ellipsys procedure performed for dialysis access. Happy I was a candidate. It was just how Dr. Bafford explained it would be. Much easier than my other fistula procedures done in the past. Healed in no time and haven’t had any issues. Great surgeon!

-Benjamin R

Great staff


October 8, 2020


Great staff, great surgeons, great experience. Highly recommend

-Sally J

BEST staff!


June 26, 2020


Just wanted to rave about the fantastic nurses employed by this group. I’ve had multiple procedures performed at both outpatient centers and received the best care prior, during, and post procedure. They made me feel at ease, calmed my nerves, and just cared. Thank you! Good care and treatment is hard to come by these days. They did a great job hiring a staff that compliments the physician level of service. Excellent!

-Jessica H

Follow up Appointments


June 19, 2020


You all make my follow up appointments so easy and pleasant. I love having Kerri do my ultrasound and I always look forward to seeing her and catching up. I recently saw Dr. Hahn for the first time and he was excellent. He was very nice and answered any questions I had very thoroughly. Thanks for being such a wonderful practice! I wish every doctor’s office was like you guys!


Made Me Feel at Ease.


April 15, 2020


The entire staff made me feel at ease. I was very nervous to say the least. The staff was great in making me feel comfortable. Kathy, Marsha, Jen, Will and Mitch all did a great job. – Dennis K.

-Dennis K.

Seamless Teamwork


March 16, 2020


I dont remember all of the nurses’ names however they went to work quickly and efficiently as soon as I got to pre op. I was impressed with the seamless teamwork that took place- as a former PACU nurse, I want to say that the entire process was excellent – Joyce A.

-Joyce A.

Very Professional


February 20, 2020


Sue and Janna were my nurses and they couldn’t have been any nicer. They put me at ease and were very professional and efficient. Everyone at the center was great – Paula S.

-Paula S.



February 19, 2020


” Pre op/post op nurses- Kathleen and Mary made me feel relaxed and comfortable through the entire procedure. Outstanding OR nurse and anesthesia were outstanding too.” Dolores H.

-Dolores H.

Everyone is helpful and caring.


February 5, 2020


Everything there is great every time I come there. Everyone is helpful and caring. I tell everyone about this place.

-Charles B.



January 31, 2020


The surgical team was INCREDIBLE! Professional, friendly, kind and caring – Robyn F.

-Robyn F.



December 30, 2019


Although you’re not guaranteed to see the same doctor every visit, I must say it’s been nothing but a positive experience getting to know each of them. Who ever hired these doctors did a fantastic job making sure they possess the same caring demeanor. I’ve been going here for years for routine follow up care and wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. Keep up the good work. You’ve definitely improved my life.

-HG Jr.

Dr. Bafford


November 26, 2019


There aren’t words to describe the wonderful feeling of knowing you’ve found the BEST surgeon. I’ve had my share of troubles which lead me to the world of dialysis. Not a place you want to be, but sometimes there aren’t any options. After having difficulty with several access attempts, I found out I was a candidate for a new non-surgical procedure. Dr. Bafford is a truly remarkable surgeon. He’s also very personable and compassionate. You made life more functional for me and I thank you.
Grateful patient

-Greatful patient

Lab Technologist


October 10, 2019


I’ve had many scans in my life unfortunately, but have never received the compassion and kindness like I did from Bobby. He took his time and made me feel less nervous about a test which results could’ve meant more surgery. I knew I was in good hands and that’s the most comforting feeling. Thank you for being you! Great technologists and great doctors.


Great Hospital!


September 13, 2019


Great hospital! LOVE you! I brag on your hospital. You fixed me three times. You are where medical people are supposed to be!


No more puffy veins!


August 23, 2019


Initially had work done at a vein clinic. I was advised by my primary to see a vascular surgeon since my procedure yielded poor results. Dr. Biuckians fixed my problem and my leg has never looked so good. What a difference! I can’t thank you enough.




August 1, 2019


I had my procedure done at your newest center in Abingdon. It was an all around great experience. The staff was very friendly and took good care of me. I felt more at ease once I was there than how I felt when I woke up that morning.
Thankful patient


Super Terrific


July 12, 2019


Working in the healthcare field, I realize exceptional care and service. You guys are doing a great job!-The entire staff!


Wound Pros


July 5, 2019


I was never told to see a vascular surgeon for my foot wound. I had been seeing a foot doctor for almost a year but the wound would always come back. It wasn’t until I had to go to the hospital because I was in so much pain that I finally saw Dr. Frieburg. After going through some testing and ballooning my artery, I finally have a healed foot. I now know who can fix a wound problem. A negative situation turned into a positive experience.




June 21, 2019


I was at risk of getting my foot amputated before seeing your group. After performing an quickly scheduled angiogram and stenting my artery, I finally have the circulation needed to heal my wound after receiving wound care treatment at another place for almost a year! I can’t thank you enough. You saved my foot and my life. BEST group EVER!
Betty J.


My experience


April 12, 2019


I would have given a five star but was upset about how long I had to wait before I was seen. I know it’s a specialist office and waiting is expected, but it’s frustrating. I will say that once they took me back and I met with Brad it was nothing but positive. He was great and got me taken care of. Great practice but could you lessen the wait?
Bill G


Dedicated Team


April 4, 2019


Not many physicians these days really take the time to listen and then explain things in a way that make sense. Well, this practice gets the gold when it comes to this important quality. We received several opinions from other vascular practices, but knew this was the group to stick with once Dr. Mackrell spoke to us. My husband has had a rough journey, but is finally living life again thanks to this amazing man. Thank you Dr. Mackrell for giving him another start. You are the BEST!!!!!!!
Maryanne H.




March 23, 2019


After my mini stroke took me to the hospital, I was seen by vascular. I was told I’d need surgery on my carotid artery and winded up having the best surgeon out there. Dr. Schneider was fantastic and now, only after a few months, you can’t even see my scar. Thank you for giving me my life back! I can’t recommend this group enough! They know what they are doing.


Thank you!


February 23, 2019


Dr Bafford is the BEST! He performed my PD catheter procedure and knock on wood everything is working out so far. My whole experience with this group has been great, considering what I’m going through is very challenging and life changing. Everyone works together to create a seamless process from scheduling, to appointment reminders, to actual office visits with check in staff, nurses, and all. Thank you for making a difficult time a more bearable experience. Keep it up!
Justin T


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