Anterior Spinal Exposure


Anterior Spinal Exposure

Traditional spinal surgery is done with an incision through the muscles of the back. With advancements in technology and newer techniques, more of these surgeries are being performed with an incision on the abdomen. This approach requires moving the abdominal organs and blood vessels in front of the spine out of the way, so that the neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon can approach the spine and disc space. This retroperitoneal approach avoids entering the abdominal cavity.

This technique allows us to avoid manipulating and touching the bowel and the patient therefore does not develop scar tissue around the loops of bowel. The surgical aspects of the procedure require delicate movement of blood vessels, the peritoneal cavity, the kidney/ureter, nerves, muscle and soft tissue. Vascular surgeons are often the specialists chosen to assist in these procedures due their familiarity with mobilization of blood vessels.

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