Pelvic Congestion


Pelvic Congestion Syndrome (PCS) is a chronic condition in which varicose veins develop and swell below the abdomen in the pelvic region. These swollen varicose veins become twisted, lengthened, and restricted which causes poor circulatory vein function and pain. This syndrome, which is often left undiagnosed before seeking vascular attention, causes constant pain (differing in severity) that is said to worsen during certain activity or times throughout the day. PCS typically worsens during and after sexual intercourse, after standing for long periods, during evening hours, late stages of pregnancy, and on the days prior to menstruation. Some other common symptoms reported are painful menstruation cycles, backache, abnormal bleeding during menstruation, fatigue, varicose veins around the buttocks, vulva, and legs, swelling of the vagina or vulva, abnormal vaginal discharge, tenderness of the abdomen, increased urination, irritable bowel syndrome, and hip pain.

Often times patients seek attention from other specialists with the belief that these symptoms classify as urological, gynecological, or gastrointestinal issues. Patients are often left clinically un-diagnosed with unsub siding pelvic pain/discomfort. Our offices can provide the pelvic ultrasound needed to detect the venous insufficiency and correct the issue under conscious sedation at one of our office-based lab locations. Patients who’ve undergone the corrective procedure have experienced positive results and have reported being “pain free”.

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